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Our Chic Journey Towards Modern Fashion

1LACK is a sleek online clothing store based in New York City that specializes in minimalist fashion. We curate a carefully selected collection of black-colored clothing, offering only three essential pieces for the modern wardrobe.

Founded in 2019 by fashionistas with a passion for monochromatic style, 1LACK is the go-to destination for chic and versatile black apparel that never goes out of style.



1LACK clothing is the epitome of style and comfort.

Guy Hawkins

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1LACK Apparel Selection

1. Tops


Black Tees Collection

Soft cotton tees in various styles and fits for everyday wear.


Silk Black Blouses

Luxe silk blouses designed for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Minimalist Black Tops

Chic and versatile black tops perfect for any occasion.

2. Bottoms


Black Tailored Pants

Tailored black pants that combine style and comfort effortlessly.


Black Jeans Collection

Classic black jeans in different cuts and washes for a timeless appeal.


Classic Black Skirts

Stylish black skirts to elevate your ensemble with a touch of sophistication.

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