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Our Chic Journey Towards Modern Fashion

Black Couture began in 2019 in NYC, founded by fashion enthusiasts dedicated to curating a minimalist and chic black wardrobe for trendsetters worldwide.

Our clientele consists of fashion-forward individuals seeking versatile black pieces to enhance their wardrobe with timeless style and sophistication.

We are proud to have garnered recognition for our commitment to exceptional black fashion, earning accolades for our curated collection and trendsetting designs.

1LACK’s designs are a perfect blend of elegance and simplicity, truly a must-have for any modern wardrobe.

Eva Franklin

Upcoming Events

Fashion Mixer

Join us for an exclusive fashion event showcasing the latest black couture trends and enjoy special discounts on your favorite pieces.

Black Friday Sale

Don’t miss our Black Friday sale with incredible discounts on our essential black wardrobe pieces. Perfect time to elevate your style!

Find Your Signature Style

Explore our collection of chic and versatile black clothing pieces today.

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